Your Local Pharmacy


Your Pharmacists

Brad Clemmer, D.Ph. and Michael Richey, D.Ph. began planning West End Drug as roommates in pharmacy school.  After graduation, both practiced pharmacy for nearly 10 years in hospital and retail environments before establishing West End Drug in 1995.  Both hold Doctorates of Pharmacy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and have combined experience of over 50 years.

Your Care Team

West End Drug only employs certified technicians to assist in your pharmacy care.  Each technician has completed certification and ensures completion of annual continuing education requirements. Our team of registered pharmacists, certified technicians, customer service clerks, and support staff are here to serve you on an individualized basis. Code of Conduct

Extraordinary Care

West End Drug prides itself on its personalized care and service for our patients. Exceeding your expectations is our goal.

 24/7 emergency contact – “We are here when you need us.”
 Patients are called by name and special needs are known
 Convenient front door parking
 Drive-thru service window
 Pharmacist checks you out and is always available for questions
 Online patient profiles for end of year tax filings
 Pocket drug profiles to have with you at all times via smart phone
 Special order durable medical equipment and hard to find items
 Free delivery to Lawton, Cache and surrounding areas
 Custom patient care at Lawton care facilities
 No hassle transfers and new patient entry
 Brown Bag Counseling (new customers) – bring drugs in for review